Author Visit & Book Signing

DB Kennison

has written a book that will appeal to romance lovers, mystery addicts and anyone who likes a bit of suspense. Still Life is set in small-town Wisconsin and features a female private eye, a city cop who has seen it all and a cast of fun characters who help distract from the gruesome murders taking place. This book made me nostalgic for the murder mysteries I used to read years ago, but in the best of ways. And none of those whodunits were quite as sexy as this one. However, if erotic romance isn't your thing, never fear. The relationship between Randi and Jon is sexy but never "in your face." Yes, we get a romance to make the reader sigh but so much more. The author managed to keep me guessing as to the killer's identity, which is no mean feat because I pride myself on catching the killers in these books before the protagonist does (it's a bragging point, I know). This one, I didn't see coming, so bravo to Ms. Kennison. I enjoyed this book and look forward to her next one


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