Pre- Readers Fridays @ 10:00

Grades 2-5 Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 1:30

Jr. High Readers Wednesdays @ 6:00

Look For Adult Programs all Summer!

Summer Library Program!

This summer brings 3 exciting summer library programs. Click on super hero for kids schedule.

Every Hero has a Story will be presented for both pre-readers and elementary school age students.

The pre-readers program begins Friday June 12th @ 10:00a.m. and will run weekly through July 17th.

Get your kids tapes here!

The Library is getting rid of our last VHS and audio book cassett tapes now!  The Library has had one rack of kids audio book tapes and VHS tape in the children's room, wondering how long we should keep them.  Our rack gave out and now we know; EVERYTHING on it must go!  If you still have a VHS player or cassett deck, we are selling them for $1 per bag.

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