Free Kid's Resources

 *We love escape rooms and are super bummed that we can't go to one. However, we have found some links to free virtual escape rooms. If you need more, then   check out this link to more virtual escape rooms for all   ages. These are perfect for when you want a fun brain break or are stuck inside on a cold or rainy day.



*Do your kids need a break from the screen? Have you tried listening to a podcast? Check out these links of kid friendly podcasts about science, music, animals, books, history and more. All of the podcasts have been created specicially for kids, so no need to worry about hearing something hearing unexpected!


*We created a website with links to games, activities and more for kids in prek-12th grade, their parents and teachers. This is free to use and does not require you to create any accounts. There are sources for math, social studies, science, reading, virtual field trips, physical education and more. This is a great addition to parents, teachers, caregivers and kids looking for some fun and educational games and activities to do. Feel free to explore, have fun and share this source.

*Check out TeachingBooks, which is free for all Wisconsin residents! It features over 200,000 resources and books for kids and teens. This site features complete readings of books, interviews with authors and illustrators, lesson plans for parents and teachers and more! This is a great site for a wide variety of books for all ages!


This site was updated on 3/17/2021